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Award-winning designer Jane Taylor brings new life to Totally Everyday™ jewelry with sumptuous color and seemingly simple perfection.

A testament to having followed her gut instincts, Taylor has received numerous professional accolades: two AGTA spectrum awards, two DeBeers Diamonds Today awards and a Town & Country Couture Design award in the diamond category.

As an avid gardener, cook, traveler, and involved business owner, she rarely sits still, so the jewelry she designs captures the spirit of the on-the-go woman: it’s fun, it’s elegant, and it’s wearable everyday. In fact, it was this “totally everyday” concept that defined the “JT Classic” collection that launched her company in 1995. Her newest collections link the past to the present through their continued embodiment of “totally everyday” wear-ability.

Inheriting a love of jewelry from her grandmother and antiquities from her father, my mother, Jane, started collecting and designing jewelry while still in elementary school. Having left art school to begin her career in fine jewelry at age 19, she continued honing her skills over 10 years within the New York City jewelry community, before eventually launching her eponymous line.

Born out of my mother’s lifelong passion for fine jewelry and design, the company later grew to include Jane’s one and only child, me! Exposed to the arts at an early age, and raised in New York City with frequent trips both to museums and the Diamond District, it was only natural that I developed an affection for fine jewelry.

Having spent many of my childhood afternoons with my mom on 47th street purchasing findings, collecting castings, and selecting gemstones, I gained early insight into the inner workings of the industry. Later, I spent a couple of my college summers working for the company, and joined the business full-time in early 2010, with a degree in Communications and a motor mouth to back it up!

Complementing each others strengths and weaknesses, my mom and I have translated our strong mother-daughter bond into a dynamic working relationship. While partnered in all aspects of running the business, we each focus on our specific areas of expertise. JT (as I often call her) helms the design and manufacturing, while I direct our marketing, PR and customer relations. With my mom working in Massachusetts and myself currently in New York City, we often rely on our telepathic communications to keep business flowing smoothly. Cross my heart, we
really do!

Strongly influenced by our family ties to adornment, we love how personally expressive and commemorative fine jewelry is. We want our customers to feel like their best versions of themselves when wearing our creations, and to wear them often! At the heart of our business is a dedication to sharing love, beautiful design and heirloom quality craftsmanship. Family, form and function are our motto, totally everyday.

All our sparkly love,
Cleo, aka @janetaylorjewelry

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