Recipe: Napa cabbage salad

A friend turned me on to this great salad. It’s so easy that once you make it and taste it I’m certain you will love it too. Shopping list: A head of Napa cabbage Olives Chick peas Red pepper Vinegar & Fruity green virgin olive oil Romano sheep’s milk cheese

What & how to do it: Grab your favorite salad bowl Cutting board & knife

Cabbage: Slice the cabbage into a thin shred with a wide blade knife. Wash & dry. This is a mild vegetable, it’s not as hard to digest as a green or purple cabbage

Olives: Using pitted Kalamata’s makes this so salad so delicious and easy. Just slice these up with a paring knife. You can also use Cerignolas or any olive type you like. They add the salty briny flavor that kicks the flavor joy up.

Chick peas: These can be canned or soaked from dry. I usually soak the dry chick peas for a couple of days, changing the water often. Add a piece of Kombu seaweed to the soaking water to aid digestion.

Red pepper: You can dice any color pepper. I try and eat my “colors.” So adding red to the cabbage helps.

Extras: I’ve been adding a can of sardines for a protein boost. Last night I made it with roasted onions -beets and parsnips, it was so good! Oil & vinegar: Lately I’ve been using and Ume plum vinegar with olive oil. But you can use any vinegar; red wine, apple cider, balsamic, they’re all good so long as you always use a fruity green olive oil. A grate of Romano cheese, sea salt & black pepper are all you need before digging in. You won’t even miss the boiled corned beef!! Happy St Patty’s day.

Jane Taylor