Sunshine, Veggies and Creativity Galore!

It must be July!

Can June really be over? I can’t believe it myself!

July marks the beginning of long stretches of HOT summer days, when the only way to cool off after a day of weekend gardening is by eating ice pops! During the week, I love the way sunny summer days have a way of easing the stress and pressure of deadlines.  When the sun is beaming, things just seem to slow down but still get done.

We generally take the first week of July to focus on creative projects because our industry takes a holiday break this first week and our office quiets down.  It is a nice change from the routine of our administrative duties, and a much needed few days to let our creative juices flow. The second week of July catapults us back into tight deadlines and steamy weather that has us grateful for air conditioning.

While July promises to be an exciting month, I will be sad to see June go.  At the JCK show in Las Vegas we got to see many friends, as well as enjoy wonderful feedback to our newest designs!  Before too long we will post the designs on our soon to come, newly designed website…. We have also gotten so much wonderful feedback from the stores we sell to that are having success with this spring’s shipments of Twinkle~Twinkle.  Who could ask for more?!

Here in the Northeast, we had such an early spring that our flower garden exploded with so many varieties all at once. I hate to see them melt away as July’s heat takes over.  In one month we saw peonies, roses, irises, bleeding hearts, coral bells, foxglove, columbine, wisteria, penstamen, hollyhocks, and lily of the valley.  Now we have all kinds of day lilies and daisies, black eyed susans, astilbe, jasmine, lavender, clematis, morning glories, delphineum and ornamental grasses taking their place.  In the veggie garden we saw peas quickly come and go, but most everything else is beginning to hit its stride.  The garlic is close to 5 feet tall!  It’s probably a good thing the flowers will be chilling out because there are so many vegetables to keep watered, weeded, picked and pruned.  This year’s veggie garden is the biggest experiment in growing our own food we’ve attempted yet.

July's recipe

Inspired by local blueberries (ours aren’t ready yet), this month’s recipe is an excellent blueberry Bundt cake.  If you grow your own blueberries or buy them at your local market it doesn’t matter, you’ll want more to keep making this delicious cake.  It’s the perfect cake to bring to a July 4th BBQ just add something red and white, like strawberries, raspberries and fresh whipped cream!

Have a safe holiday, keep cool and ciao for now—

- Jane