Summertime Green Goodness

 August is a great month!

Streaming sunshine, the last of the emerald green foliage, tons of fresh veggies... And it's an especially great month for a birthday if you like peridot and your mother happens to be a jewelry designer- which luckily, is true for me!  As Jane's daughter, I've enjoyed owning some beautiful pieces of jewelry, especially of the peridot variety.  We use peridot in many of our designs, and here are some great ideas for August birthday babies or women who simply love green.

These rings and earrings showcase some "totally everyday" ways to wear peridot:

While I do enjoy peridot’s punchy green, I’m really a lover of all things orange and we happen to have a gorgeous pair of fire opal earrings on our Shop Page right now!

Speaking of bright summer colors, my mother's vegetable garden is picking up even more steam!  This has been a real treat after moving from a city back to New England, to join my mother's business.  The cherry tomato plants are massive, and the zucchini plant has plans to take over the world, or at least her garden.  It is so big and has so many leaves that we couldn't even see any zucchini growing until we found one the size of a baseball bat! Our cucumber plant has also been showering us with vegetables, so after making falafel with my own version of tzatziki sauce, I knew we had the perfect solution to our excess of cukes.  I then made this recipe for my mom’s birthday and she loved it so much, she suggested I post it on the blog.  While I am not as good of a cook as my mother (yet, I hope!), I love spending time in the kitchen, and will have more recipes to share with you as I work on perfecting them!  Here’s the recipe for “Cleo’s Tzatziki Sauce.”

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Besides always thinking about food, we’ve been steadily working on our new website. Fresh, clean and timeless are some of the design concepts that have been fueling its new look, and we’re really excited to debut it come the end of summer.We hope all is well wherever you may be!

Cheers! Cleo