Fall Fun, Fashion, and Food!

I must admit that I really love the beginning of seasons. It’s a magical time when the weather changes, you get to transition your wardrobe, and everything seems so gosh darn exciting. This fall, I find myself especially swept away by autumn’s mischievous winds of change… but most of all I can’t stop ogling the bounty of goodies the fashion gods have laid before us! Everywhere I turn there are beautiful boots, awe-inspiring accessories, and cozy creations to be desired. Neutral tones are a key player this fall, with various grays and khakis acting as a backdrop to layer with richly colored accents. From deep, earthy browns, to velvety blues and rosy hues, we’ve got great pieces to accompany any outfit. The top row showcases some of my personal favorites for everyday wear, while the bottom row are great pieces for making a bold statement.

[gallery link="file" columns="4"]

The first four images all feature London blue topaz with diamond pave, while the third column shows the versatility of cognac quartz. The necklace has a rich whiskey colored stone and is currently available on our Shop Page, while the ring features a golden hued stone, surrounded by diamonds. The green quartz and diamond ring is set in rose gold, a personal favorite of Jane’s. She has always been a big fan of rose gold, and she passed that love on to me, so we are both excited that rose gold has really become popular! The green quartz ring showcases a lovely combination of soft, feminine colors, and is wonderfully versatile for both dressy and casual attire. Finally, the long, double-drop earrings pack a 1-2 punch of vibrant rubellite and earthy smokey quartz.

We’ve got great new styles in the works right now, as well as our new website! The design phase took a little longer than we anticipated (being perfectionists has it’s price), so currently all of the technological whoseywhatsit backend bits are being constructed. The new site is going to be chock-full of new jewelry images… just in time to add some JT jewelry to your wishlist! Another great place to find Jane’s jewels on the web is Nordstrom’s website. They’ve increased our presence on their site, and even more pieces are being added this month- we are thrilled!

In other JT news, our family got 2 puppies and the cats are in therapy! Well, the part about therapy’s not quite true, but we really are the proud owner of 2 adorable puppies. With those two “diablos”- as Jane has affectionately named them- on her hands, she hasn’t had quite as much time to spend in the kitchen, so I’ve got another super simple recipe for ya’ll! If you like Eggplant Parmesan, but aren’t a big fan of the calories, I created this yummy alternative.

Hope all's well with everyone!