Blog visitors new and old- welcome to our new blog and website! As many of you know, this website re-launch project was in the works for quite some time. We are SO thrilled to a) be done stressing over the project and b) be able to share the new site with everyone! There are a ton more images to browse, lots of new designs posted, an all new "Press" page, a fun new blog layout, an easy new "Contact" form, a Facebook page, a Twitter account (follow us @JTJewelry!), aaaaand I think that about sums it all up. Whew!

Additionally, we just got back from the annual gem show in Tucson where we saw a myriad of gorgeous stones, and Jane was very inspired to create some new designs. There's so much going on here, it's hard to keep it all straight, but stay posted for lots more posts!

We'll be sending out an official email to all of our previous blog subscribers, but just in case you're reading now, we will need you to re-subscribe to the blog, sorry! The upside: a great feature of our new and improved blog is that you can subscribe to receive all of our posts, or sign up for updates on only the categories you're interested in. For example- if you only want to hear about our recipes, click on the recipes link on our blog's home page and then click "subscribe to Recipes," and voila! You will only get the recipe updates. So have fun mixing and matching what JT news you want to stay current on, or subscribe to them all! Any questions or comments? Drop a line via Facebook! We'd love to hear from you.

Happy Weekend to All! Cleo + Jane

PS: The picture below is of us with our dear friend Robin in Tucson!