...Pandora (but definitely not the bracelet)

Pandora Internet Radio is likely not a new toy for most of you. It's not for me either, as challenged as I sometimes feel by all the social media and web related hooha- smartphone this and tablet that.  I use all of it, but am still baffled at times.  But being a creature of habit, once I figure it out I stick with it. I listen to Pandora daily on my laptop while at work, and usually have the Carla Bruni station plugged in because its great music.  Bruni's music in particular is wonderful, sexy French music, but they also play Adele, Lily Allen, Melody Gardot, etc...  It's somewhat mellow background sound but much hipper than (elevator) muzak. Good times! Anyway, last Sunday morning I woke up with a Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass song in my head and hadn't the slightest idea what it might be called, so we plugged it in to Pandora and VOILA! This website is so great!  Right there, some great music to eat pancakes to (my recipe of course!).  I really love this site.  If you don't already listen to Pandora you must give it a try, and if you already do, plug in Herb Alpert, you will be humming away and dancing to such classics as Tequila, The Girl From Ipanema, and Taste of Honey (the Herb Alpert song that started it all).

Happy listening! Jane