Color Candy Makes a Good Investment

Happy Springtime everyone!  Happy Passover and Happy Easter too!!  Yumm...chocolate eggs and matzo!  Chocolate matzo! It is also the time of year when we get back into the vegetable garden, turn the soil, add fertilizer, sprinkle some seeds, cross our fingers and hope for the best. Before long we will be eating most of our meals out of that garden....very exciting!  I can hardly wait.  Now is also the time when we focus the majority of our attention to preparing for our industry's biggest trade show of the year held in Las Vegas in June. We have been working on new designs since the end of last year, and it is all very color intensive, so we are naming it Color Candy!  We are foodies after all.  The new designs are playful and soft, just really yummy for lack of a better description. Here are a few images of some of the things we have been working on... (click on the image to get a better look!)

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While we are ecstatic it is springtime, we are not so happy gold hit a record high of $1500 per ounce. The product in stores now will have pricing from before the increases, so buy what you see!  Don't wait, the prices will only be higher when you go back and new shipments have arrived reflecting higher manufacturing costs.

Another challenge our industry faces is diamond prices have also gone up, in some cases by 50%, making 2 of the most basic components in jewelry way more expensive than they have ever been in their history.  Even colored stone prices have gone up in ways that they haven't in a long time- basics like amethyst and citrine already cost more then they did at the end of last year.  It seems everything keeps going up- obvious things that we need to survive like oil, gas, and food, and now diamonds, gold and colored stones! What to do?

Buy what you love now, really, don't wait.  The sting you may feel when you make your jewelry purchase might be similar in feel to sticker shock at the gas pump after filling your SUV; but ultimately it will be a short lived bite because jewelry brings daily smiles of happiness and oodles of joy!  Not to mention the huge happiness that comes from giving jewelry as a gift. Remember this, your jewelry will have great value knowing that metal and stone prices keep increasing.   You can never go wrong with a good investment and jewelry has certainly become a very good investment.

Happy Spring everyone!  Get out into that sunshine and make a wish on a dandelion!