Cleo's Fall JT Jewelry Wish List

Contrary to what some may think, being the daughter of a jewelry designer does not mean that I have unlimited access to all of Jane's incredible creations that my little heart desires. Don't get me wrong, I have some wonderful pieces of jewelry for someone my age, but there's always more to covet when you're talking about Jane Taylor Jewelry! I have decided to start a new series dedicated to chronicling my JTJ wish list by season...starting with all the pieces I would love to be wearing this fall. ________________________________

Item #1: This fabulous pear-shape bypass ring! It's got diamonds, pink sapphire, rose gold, and a classic yet hip design- what more could a girl ask for?!

Item #2: Perhaps she could want this incredible bright orange carnelian ring! Orange does happen to be my favorite color, and rose gold my favorite metal, so this ring was an instant winner for me.

Item #3: And the matching necklace? Yes, please!

Item #4: I love this rose gold (I told you it was my favorite) necklace with moon quartz and pink sapphires because it can be worn long or short, for so many different occasions. Plus the cool milky white glow of the quartz makes the piece a transcendent neutral.

Item #6: Hellooooo, awesome. My standout favorite from Jane's new collection of bangles, this screams sexy, '70s cool to me. Gorgeous alone, or stacked with other arm accessories... it's my birthday in 2 weeks if anyone wants to get it for me :)

Item  #7: I found the image of these one-of-a-kind crystal opal earrings perusing through the "Twinkle Twinkle" archives and fell in LOVE.