Fire & Brimstone

We sure have had our share of Mother Nature flexing her biceps around here this summer, which is very uncharacteristic for the uneventful East Coast. It has made for lots of excitement, good, bad, and otherwise uninvited.  We had tornadoes hit starting in June, then an earthquake (!!!!) and we just finished a visit from Hurricane Irene!  We are all glad this last round of helter skelter is OVER!  On a good note, fire & brimstone aside, the enforced bad round of weather caused me to harvest my San Marzano plum tomatoes early and can them for many hours straight before the power went out.  All that has freed me up to move on to more fun things like my favorite: jewelry!  (Not that I don't love canning.)

(Jars of tomato sauce on top, whole tomatoes on the bottom. This isn't even all of it!)

I am so excited about going to the Boston Museum of fine Arts exhibit: Jewels, Gems and Treasures Ancient to Modern.  If Mother Nature can keep her nose out of my beeswax, we may even head there this week- so psyched!  It should be no surprise that I am obsessed with gems and jewelry, but seeing museum quality jewelry hand made by master goldsmiths and master setters is way cool. Not to mention, the creativity of the designers is very awe inspiring for me.  We saw "Set in Style" at the Cooper Hewitt Museum in NYC back in March, it was sponsored by Van Cleef and Arpels and featured their 20th century design archives full of celebrity masterpieces and jewels to die for.  Unfortunately it ended in July, sorry I didn't mention it to ya'll sooner.  But I'm telling you about this one and I can't wait to see what's on at the MFA Boston!

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!  Be safe, don't eat too many tomatoes and drive....

Ta Ta tootaloo see ya bye bye 75 mile per hour wind gusts and flooding and shaking rooms and swaying buildings and flying building tops.

Ciao for now-