Groovy Mood Ring

I'm sure I am dating myself by writing about the infamous mood ring from the 70's.  They were ALL the rage and if you were in 8th grade, like I was, and pretty moody, it was a fun toy to distract yourself with during Bio class. When you put them on, their thermo-reader matched a color to your mood and the ring became that color.  I was pretty into it for about 5 minutes, until my sage 13 year old wisdom realized: this is bogus!  We used words like that in the 70's, rememeber?!

First the ring started out grey and dull... ...then the groovy color change mood thing happened!  It's cool, right?

Well, the reason I am even bringing up this trend dinosaur is because I picked up some grey tourmaline cabochons, and I was so excited when I found them.  I couldn't figure out what it was about them that got me so excited!  But it's just hit me; it's the mood ring!  I paired the tourmalines with luscious color change garnets and super hot magenta sapphires, and well, you be the judge...but I think if this doesn't change your mood to a happy one when you look at it, nothing will!