L'objet Qui Parle....

Bonjour! It's hard not to channel Julia Childs's voice when saying "bonjour"....we're big fans... The one thing that really grounds me in Paris is the basic rule of greetings.  One MUST always say "hello, thank you, and good bye," no matter how grumpy the recipient of said greetings may indeed be. That said, we actually found Parisians to be very friendly and accommodating on this visit. That was a huge relief and made the experience even more joyful.

It has been a while since I've spent time in a fashion driven city, and it was GREAT!  It was wonderful getting swept up in the style and trends because it's all playing out on the streets like grand theater. Expressing personal style is just a way of life there, from dish towels to outwear.  Within hours of landing, I was reminded that I have pretty much lost most of my urban style to a reformed country version of "laid back," which is NOT even the distant cousin to city "laid back"....Je l'accepte.  So off we went in our comfortable shoes, country mice trying to get our city groove on, up and down the metro steps.  We saw exquisite clothing (Merci, Colette, Le Bon Marche, basically every store everywhere...), mind blowing shoes (also everywhere), fabulous jewels (Place Vendome mostly) and even had a celebrity sighting (Karl Lagerfeld while at Colette!....goose bumps).

As for the jewels, I was really impressed by the vast array of colored stones on display in fine jewelry windows at Place Vendome; it was a happy surprise.  Don't get me wrong, diamonds are still a girls best friend but a 20 carat Paraiba tourmaline surrounded by every shade of blue green tourmaline is a rare sight to behold.  The objects of which I speak were mostly large  and meant to impress, these were not trinkets bought on the fly.  They were magnificent, mouth-watering, sparkling wonders of impeccable craftsmanship.  I wish I could have taken photos to post here but that would have been a "faux pas" for sure.

The fashion accessories around town were also noteworthy, some more than others. I was particularly taken with the chunkiness of the bangle bracelets probably because I'm designing my first ever silver collection and it's pretty chunky itself! All in all, I was thrilled by the general application of color in all forms of fashion, it never got old!  Bustling around town in trench coats, we saw scarves of every color wrapped in a myriad of ways and lots of Repetto ballerina flats. I can only imagine once the weather really cools off and the boots come out how the colors will change.

Since it's too soon to sneak a peek at my first silver designs, I have instead attached some memorable photos ....Gentle autumn light showing itself in shadows around Paris....what a great treat this trip was, thanks to my boyfriend Rocky for his patience at stopping at every store in Paris to touch fabrics and for an unforgettable birthday cadeaux!

À bientôt!