Cleo's Winter JT Jewelry Wish Lish

Though technically we're only 18 days into winter, in my mind, the season starts sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Especially since we had that freak snowstorm on Halloween this year, I have been in the mindset of chunky sweaters, wool socks, and warm beverages for quite some time now. Even though it's been a pretty mild Winter thus far for us Northeasterners, once the temperature drops below 50, I'm pretty much perpetually cold. For this reason, my outfits consist of a lot of turtleneck and scarves, making it difficult to wear any kind of earring that dangle. The Winter can also be a difficult time to wear a lot of bracelets because I'm covered up in long sleeves, so I switch to wearing lots of rings. Do any of you find yourself with the same jewelry wardrobe challenges?

Here's all the JT pieces I wish I could be wearing to brighten things up this Winter... __________________________________

Item #1: These hot pink sapphire hoops are just long enough to make a colorful statement, but short enough not to get tangled up in my favorite chunky knit scarf. Item #2: Gorgeous diamond studs. Enough said. Item #3: One of our brand new sterling silver rings, this one-of-a-kind stunner features a glowing pink tourmaline surrounded by hot pink sapphires. Awesome.

Item #4: For those awful, bleak, cloudy winter days when there's not even snow on the ground to make things look pretty... this ring would be my surrogate sun.