Passion for Fashion

The bi-annual extravaganza that is "Fashion Week" has commenced. Technically speaking, it's really a "Fashion Month" because there are 4 consecutive weeks of shows, beginning in New York City and ending in Paris, with stops in London and Milan along the way (how fun does that sound?!). The hot seat has just transitioned from London to Milan, meaning that we're only halfway through all of the Fall/Winter 2012 presentations, but there's already a LOT of chatter going on about trends, colors, patterns, etc... Additionally, Pantone released their "Fashion Color Report" for the Fall during New York Fashion week, so naturally, Jane and I were excited for the official debut! Much to our surprise (and pleasure), pretty much all of these colors are going to be in our new silver line! We can't wait until our samples are made so we can show you all of the new goodies...

My two favorite colors are also in the mix! I love love love Olympian Blue and Tangerine Tango, which happens to be Pantone's color of the year. Green in general is also really starting to grow on me, and that Ultramarine Green in particular would pair beautifully with navy blue, as demonstrated on the right!

As my passion for fashion has snowballed over the last two years, it seems that both my closet size and knowledge base about the industry have grown. (Neither of which are bad things in my opinion, but my boyfriend's feelings on this matter may be a different story). I would like to believe that I have become a savvier, more informed shopper, better able to see the bigger picture and make smarter decisions about what kind of pieces are worthwhile investments vs. fleeting fancies. One of the biggest discoveries of my research has pertained to "trends": they are not as short-lived as one would think! In most cases, there's a much greater ebb and flow to fashion trends then I ever prior consciously realized. Which is great news for those us prone to want to shop-till-we-drop...way too often. So I've found that a little strategy can go a long way when it comes to spending money on your wardrobe.

For instance, floral patterns showed up en mass on the Spring/Summer '12 runways and have continued to be popular for Fall/Winter as well. Try the "trend" in both a color palette and style that will work year round, not just for a few months. On our left, a classic button down shirt gets a fun makeover. As shown, it can be worn for a traditional "summer" look with denim shorts and a straw bag, but I could just as easily see it layered under a cable-knit sweater with black trousers and heeled desert boots for a cold-weather appropriate outfit. There are always a variety of materials/patterns/colors trending at once, so it's important to carefully sift through it all in order to find the pieces that both speak to what's "au courant" and what will work for your personal wardrobe.

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Cheers! Cleo