Year of the....

I know I'm a little late, but, welcome to the year of the Dragon.  This is my version.  I have a bad case of missing Paris! That said, it's not like we haven't been busy over here while pining away for freshly made baguettes just out of the oven. We've actually been on Weight Watchers! I've been coming up with all kinds cooking tricks to stay focused and committed.  I'll post some of my tasty experiments sans the butter, white flour & white sugar in the recipe section soon....OH BOY!  Are we having fun yet?...Maybe in another 10 lbs.

Dieting is one way to become one with the Dragon, but another is to turn your entire business upside down and inside out.  Yup, that's what we are smack in the middle of over here.  It is so exciting and scary and well, I just hope it works!  I got really tired of being on the gold roller coaster, it was destroying my creativity.  Sorry for the buzz kill.  But---I'm heading into the land of's a beautiful metal and much more affordable.  The goal is too make stylish jewelry with fabulous colored stones, totally wearable day into night and of the highest quality as to always become a family heirloom. Here's a sneak peak at a few of our first Color Candy Silver rings.

The other EXTREMELY exciting news is we will be launching our new silver line, called JT Silver, at the Couture show in Las Vegas with the help of Sande Finkel's brilliant marketing prowess and Jeff Koch's ultra elegant sales style.  The booth is #514, Sande calls her booth The Collective because she has several International designers represented together.  More will be shared about this later on....stay tuned.

There is so much newness going on here, I barely touched the tip of this iceberg!  No fire breathing dragons here.  Stay cool, see you soon!