Realistic Goals....What are Those?

It appears to be time for a reality check! If any of you are signed up for Dr. Oz's Transformation Nation emails, you may have already seen that headline.

I really had to laugh though.... I am not sure what is funnier, the idea of mental acuity tips or setting "realistic goals."

It is officially crunch time.  We are in the last 4 weeks of prep before our most important annual trade show in Las Vegas. This is where all us jewelry trade insiders meet up and see who has the biggest, best, baddest ass new products and which fabulous stores will buy them.  It's a pretty intense 6 days that takes all 365 days to prepare for.

Some years we just design line extensions for the show.  That is when we add on new pieces to an already existing collection selling in the marketplace.  And some years, we introduce an entirely new design direction.  The line extension years are not so risky, more of a necessity than anything.  But the whole new design direction years are killer.  It is always stressful making new samples; engineering jewelry is not glamorous, and not remotely a fast process.

This year....we came up with 50 completely new designs and several color combos of each for a total of....a LOT of new pieces in a metal we have never worked with in production before!  This may not sound like a big deal, but in tandem with coordinating all of the custom stones being cut for us across the globes, the delayed shipments of said stones, and the rest of the prep work that goes into planning for the show, we are freaking out!  Well, I am really freaking out.  Maybe the title of this post should be "Keep Calm and Carry On!"

Mental Acuity tip: remove head before it bursts into flames!

I want to wish all of my fellow jewelry colleagues smooth sailing to the finish line.  Good luck everyone!

Lots of love,