FANCY that!

We got an email from someone yesterday that started like this: "Hey – I work at Fancy ( and we are big fans of your jewelry."

Normally I would delete an email like this, but my ultra tuned in (she's very hip) daughter Cleo said "Hmmm this is cool...." to which I "replied what is cool?" and from there we checked out The And it IS cool. Check it out!!

To get a better understanding of the site, we read this article on Forbes, but in a nutshell: the Fancy is similar to Pinterest in that you save images of services/products/places/etc... you love, and those images are linked to the site they came from. What's different from Pinterest, and so very cool, is that the site links up those images with a direct purchase feature, so bing, bang, boom! You see something you like, and then it's yours.  The items are posted by people and brands with hip and happening tastes from all over the world. It is not a selection of goods bought for a specific region, so the items are appealing to a wide range of folks.  Fabulous!  The items and services are stylish, modern and refreshing.  It feels like you are looking at a magazine without all the advertising getting in the way.  Per Fancy's "About" page, the site is "part store, blog, magazine and wishlist. It’s a place to discover great stuff, to curate a collection of things you love, to get updates on your favorite brands and stores and to share your discoveries." With an easy click you can see what you love, and buy it or "fancy it" and buy it a later time.  It is not a flash discount sale site so you have more than 2 seconds to think about your purchase.  People, THIS is some fancy stuff!