Cleo's Fall JT Jewelry Wishlist

Exactly one year ago, I wrote my first post in my "JT Jewelry Wishlist" series.  How time flies!  Speaking of, with Summer's end quickly approaching, I have been putting off writing about anything Fall-related because I'm just not ready to say goodbye to bathing suit weather!  Despite this summer having started earlier than usual and not having any AC, I still am sad to see that September is a mere 18 days away.  Which is kind of silly.  I mean, I AM excited for slightly cooler temps, outfits with layers, wearing beanies on messy-hair-days, and using my stove/oven more...but just not SO excited that I am ready to gleefully bid Summer farewell.  It's always a painful parting, thank goodness for a late-Summer birthday, Labor Day Weekend, and a JT Jewelry wishlist to ease me through it!

PS: In case you want to take a peek at my previous wishlists:  Fall 2011 | Winter 2011 | Spring 2012


Item #1:  I've been digging this emeraldy green color ever since I first saw this ring from our new silver collection. Coincidentally, there's a green entitled "Ultramarine Green" on Pantone's Fall '12 Fashion Color Report that's practically identical to the stone we chose- must be fate!


Item #2:  These rings are slightly tapered for stacking perfection and come in a zillion hues... I would happily wear them in any color!

Item #3:  It's no secret that I love the color orange, and this carnelian necklace is the perfect shade for Fall. Lending a touch of elegance and drama to any outfit, I would dig it with sleek button-downs and chunky sweaters alike.

Item #4:  Hello again emerald green! These post earrings have just enough edge to make me feel tough-girl-chic without looking like a scary biker chick.

Item #5:  I've had the pleasure of wearing these Hex bangles at a few work events and LOVE them. Comfortable, jingly, understated but colorful, and unique; in short they're pretty fab.

I hope you all have a great rest of your Summer! Cheers, Cleo