Inspiration: Modernized Classics

All of the visuals coming at us from Fall magazines and the S/S '13 fashion weeks have us inspired by the idea of modernized classics. Taking something you think of as a classic piece of clothing/accessory/style/etc...and throwing a modern twist on it. Two of our favorite examples below: the Burberry trench, given an insanely gorgeous (and colorful) metallic makeover, and a classic desert boot, gone ga-ga for glitter! (Clearly, we like shiny, sparkly things.)

In my July post on our inspirations, I mentioned that we were going to be playing around with the contrast of classic shapes and bright colors in our newest collection, Happy. As JT puts her final touches on the designs and we get closer to seeing finished samples, I can't help but think that the place in the design universe where opposites collide- old meets new, structure meets softness, ornament meets clean lines- is full of goosebump inducing excitement. I promise to post pictures of the new designs as soon as I can!

Cheers! Cleo