Let's Talk About HEX, Baby

Jane Taylor HEX Collection Our cousin Dena is a budding PR and Social Media maven, who is in town to help out the JT team while we amp up for a busy season ahead. Keep checking back for the scoop on Jane Taylor's jewelry escapades, as told by Dena. 

During the winter of 2012, Jane had a total "light bulb moment" and decided to take her designs in a different direction than ever before. Previously, Jane worked strictly with high karat gold set with cushion and round cut stones, but the introduction of the HEX collection marked the first time that Jane created designs exclusively in silver.

Naturally, Jane stayed true to her DNA with brightly colored precious and semi-precious stones such as pink sapphire, citrine, tourmaline, blue sapphire, ruby, orange garnet and of course diamonds! From pavéd patterns to brilliantly cut center stones, it's clear that Jane's HEX designs are still totally everyday, especially in silver.

The collections namesake comes from the shape that can be found in all of the designs, the hexagon. This geometric shape has never before been featured in any Jane Taylor designs, and it is one of the reasons why we're so excited about the collection. As our obsession with hexes grew, we began to see this shape mirrored in other designs that brightened our everyday lives.

From Oscar de la Renta's luxurious suede clutches to Jonathan Adler's glossy decorating trays, Prada's futuristic sunglasses and even Cole & Son's metallic wallpaper, the hexagon seems to be on the minds of other creative designers around the globe. As we scoured the internet for hexagon shapes, we found the shape incorporated into hotel design, on floor tiles, and on a marble coffee table. Clothing and accessories designer Alexander McQueen's Spring/Summer 2013 collection was so influenced by the honey comb, that he included this naturally occurring hex shape in many aspects of his designs, including the tiled runway, patent leather platform shoes, fitted bodices and even rotund head pieces.

Check out our HEX Pinterest Board for all of our favorite geometric finds, and our HEX designs at the Jane Taylor website.