After a year of designing and planning, I'm so glad to finally get the news off my chest and introduce you all to one of my latest projects, Jane Taylor Elements for HSN! My designs were created with simulated gems set in stainless steel, and they feature all the design aspects that makes Jane Taylor jewelry so special, but with a price tag that is affordable for all- yipeeee!!! My journey with the Jane Taylor Elements for HSN collection began at last year's Couture Show (which you all know about because we talked about it so, so, so much), which is where a mutual friend introduced us to an HSN buyer. Once we presented the collection to her, it was clear that she felt as excited about the silver designs of the HEX Collection as we do! This initial meeting lead to a flurry of back and forth communication that spanned a number of months, over which not a single detail was spared. I was constantly creating and tweaking concepts and designs, as conference calls and top secret meetings became a daily occurrence.

By the time our first samples arrived, I was truthfully a little nervous to open the box containing the designs I had worked together with HSN to create! I was really unaware of the potential that my pieces could have once they were translated into stainless steel. But as soon as I tried on the first geometric ring, paired it with a few sparkling bracelets and completed the look with a pair of feather-light earrings, I was enamored with the whole collection! To be honest, Cleo and I were in a bit of shock at how cool the designs had turned out and how they stayed true to my beliefs that beautiful jewelry is meant to be worn every single day.

Jane Taylor Elements for HSN Hex Bangles with colorful simulated gemstonesWhether you stack a layer of the hex shaped rings to make your day of running errands a bit more glamorous, or you add some pizzazz to your little black dress with one of the pendants, it's easy to add some sparkle to your life with the Jane Taylor Elements for HSN collection! If you prefer chunky necklaces that makes a statement and catches the attention of everyone in the room, or if you find yourself attracted to dainty bangles that highlight your girly personality, this collection finds a way to appeal to the jewelry tastes of every woman. I created this collection to help women everywhere see that jewelry can become an integral part of your wardrobe, allowing these pieces to put the finishing touch on any outfit; much like the shiny red cherry on top of the metaphorical ice cream sundae that is life. There are no rules when it comes to wearing these pieces either, so if you only want to wear one of the bangles that came in a stack of three, you go right ahead and do that. You want to mix and match pieces from different sets in as many colors as you can put together? More power to you.

The jewelry in the Jane Taylor Elements for HSN collection is meant to make the process of getting dressed more fun, allowing every woman to express herself through colorful gems and classic shapes that won't break the bank. And it will be coming to a TV near you so very soon! Which is nerve racking and exhilarating all at once!  Monday, April 1st (no, I promise this whole thing isn't an April Fool's prank) I will be on HSN at 3am and again at 12 noon. I can't wait to share Jane Taylor Elements with you all in a month and hear what you think! All my sparkling love, Jane