Spring 2013: A Photo Diary

So far, this year has been a whirlwind for Jane and I! There's been a fair share of traveling for new projects and lots of new designs in the works. I've been snapping photos along the way with the intention of sharing them much sooner on the blog, but y'all know how life has a tendency to get in the way of the best laid plans. So here they are- in reverse chronological order- to give you guys a glimpse of what's been going on "behind the scenes" with Jane Taylor Jewelry. Most recently, we  joined the Fragments showroom, and couldn't be more excited about it! (For those not in the industry, Fragments is a jewelry powerhouse that represents some of the most talented established and up-and-coming designers out there, so we are beyond honored to become a part of the gang.) The photos go all the way back to February when we visited the Gem Shows in Tuscon, AZ, so hopefully you guys enjoy the ride via photos as much as we have these past few months. Also, where has this year gone?! Seriously people, it's May, how did that happen? all-our-sparkley-love

Spring-2013 with Jane Taylor Jewelry