Insta Roundup: Winter Wishes

Welcome to the second installment of our "Insta Roundup," a glimpse into our newest designs, inspirations and discoveries!

Per usual at this time of year, we find ourselves reflecting on how quickly the seasons pass, except for gosh-darn Winter.  Here in New England, cold weather reigns supreme, and this year's constant snowfall coupled with the floral focus of our new collection has us seriously craving Spring!

Alas, we can't speed up March 20th's arrival, so in the meantime we'll keep on taking pictures of the snow (so annoying, but so pretty!) and posting #throwbackythursday and #flashbackfriday pictures full of warm and happy motivation.  We'd love to see how y'all are surviving the rest of Winter (on the East Coast) or bathing in sunshine (on the West Coast), so please do connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

Sending our best wishes to wherever in this beautiful world you might be, Cleo

Jane Taylor Jewelry-Instagram Roundup 1

Jane Taylor Jewelry-Insta Roundup 2

Jane Taylor Jewelry-Insta Roundup 3 iJane Taylor Jewelry-Insta Roundup 4 Jane Taylor Jewelry-Insta Roundup 5 Jane Taylor Jewelry-Insta Roundup 6 Jane Taylor Jewelry-Insta Roundup 7