...Magical Mineral Home Accesories #stuffweheart

Malachite, Sodalite and Tiger's Eye boxes from Jane Taylor's personal collection Jane's pervasive love of gemstones and minerals extends beyond the jewelry she makes and into her home decor. As a small child,  I was always fascinated by her massive petrified wood book-ends and size-able hunks of what seemed liked crystallized magic, but were really amethyst geodes and agate slices. These richly historical and mind bogglingly beautiful items that accent her home still fascinate me, and like a magpie drawn to shiny objects, I always find my eyes wandering to them. So upon reading about Goop's newest exclusive product launch in Domaine today, I got pretty excited, because I think everyone should own super cool pieces of gems and minerals! (Even if their coffee table is wearing them, and not their body parts.)

PS: Jane happens to have some some extra boxes she would be willing to part with, so shoot an email to info@janetaylor.com if you interested in seeing photos and getting more info!

Amethyst Bowl- Goop and Rablabs Collaboration

Malachite Box-Goop and Rablabs Collaboration