Cuckoo for Coconut Oil! #stuffweheart

A few months ago, I noticed JT rubbing a glob of coconut oil all over her face, and was all, "huh?!"  Then a month or two later, I found myself reading up on the many benefits of coconut oil, and bought some to simply try cooking with.  But a few nights in to owning a jar, I remembered seeing JT's using it as a moisturizer. Quickly glancing around my apartment to make sure no one was watching (my cats are such harsh critics), I tentatively applied some to my face and was promptly hooked on the stuff!  Face, body, hair, cuticles, curries, smoothies, coffees, oil pulling...there's nary a day now that doesn't involve coconut oil. If you're looking for an all natural, multi-use product to fall in love with, I highly suggest purchasing some. And if you're curious as to where the heck to start with it, a quick Google search will yield loads of interesting and helpful information on how to get the most out of your jar of magic goodness. Keep us posted on if you try it and let us know if you heart coconut oil as much as we do!! XO Cleo

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