Jane Taylor + Fragments = Couture 2014

With only 37 days left until the Couture Show, the countdown is on!! The show marks the official debut of our newest collection, Rosebud, which we have been working on for over a year (!) and introduced on our blog back in November. We are out-of-our-minds, crazy excited to finally be sharing it with an amazing collection of retailers (and friends), as a member of the Fragments showroom. During the design process, Jane drew inspiration from estate pieces owned and admired, drawings by Aubrey Beardsley, her passion for gardening and unique gemstones she had collected over the years.  Marrying her love of classic design, sculptural lines, and bold simplicity, the result is a beautifully successful juxtaposition of opposites, which veteran jewelry journalist Lorraine DePasque summed up as, "Sleek yet detailed. Strong yet delicate. Classic yet non-traditional." And her words not only accurately capture what Rosebud is all about, but they sum Jane up pretty well too.

We look forwarding to celebrating another year as members of the jewelry community, and toasting to Jane Taylor Jewelry's 20th year with you!

Jane Taylor + Fragments = Couture 2014


...Celebrity Sightings! #stuffweheart

Adriana Lima looked absolutely stunning this past Saturday at the BrazilFoundation Gala Miami wearing our "secret garden" earrings with a mix of diamonds, white sapphires and moonstone cabochons! We're honored to have the beautiful model and mother wear our earrings to an event supporting a great non-profit organization. (And also rocking our favorite color: hot pink!)all-our-sparkly-love Adriana Lima wearing Jane Taylor Jewelry at the BrazilFoundation gala-2

Adriana Lima wearing Jane Taylor Jewelry at the BrazilFoundation gala-1 Adriana Lima wearing Jane Taylor Jewelry at the BrazilFoundation gala-3 Adriana Lima wearing Jane Taylor Jewelry at the BrazilFoundation gala-4

Countdown to a Coloful Spring!

The first day of spring is less than a week away and I couldn't be more excited! I know it's cliché, but the transition from winter to spring really does make a difference in my life. Maybe it's because I was born in the summer, but the presence of warmer temperatures, budding greenery, and fragrant blossoms ensure that I always wake up on the right side of the bed. In anticipation of transitioning my wardrobe to mirror my brighter mood, I looked to Pantone's spring color report for inspiration. Pantone's executive director elaborated on the palette, explaining that "designers take a modern twist on the traditional for spring 2014 by pairing soft pastels with vivid brights to create a colorful equilibrium. Inspired by a mixture of blooming flowers, travels abroad, and strong, confident women, designers use color to refresh, revive and defy conventional wisdom."

Um, hold up a second, Pantone. Did you say blooming flowers and strong, confident women? Get out of our heads you crazy mind readers! Unknowingly, it seems that the development of our Rosebud collection has paralleled that of spring's joie de vivre (affirming in my mind that designers are all tapped into a some special section of the collective unconscious).

So here we are, a mere 6 days until the start of a season that heralds spiritual rebirth, a renewed enthusiasm for shaving our legs, and the promise of longer days wonderfully awash with color. So let's celebrate the best way we know how, with jewelry! Cheers to that, friends!



...Magical Mineral Home Accesories #stuffweheart

Malachite, Sodalite and Tiger's Eye boxes from Jane Taylor's personal collection Jane's pervasive love of gemstones and minerals extends beyond the jewelry she makes and into her home decor. As a small child,  I was always fascinated by her massive petrified wood book-ends and size-able hunks of what seemed liked crystallized magic, but were really amethyst geodes and agate slices. These richly historical and mind bogglingly beautiful items that accent her home still fascinate me, and like a magpie drawn to shiny objects, I always find my eyes wandering to them. So upon reading about Goop's newest exclusive product launch in Domaine today, I got pretty excited, because I think everyone should own super cool pieces of gems and minerals! (Even if their coffee table is wearing them, and not their body parts.)

PS: Jane happens to have some some extra boxes she would be willing to part with, so shoot an email to info@janetaylor.com if you interested in seeing photos and getting more info!

Amethyst Bowl- Goop and Rablabs Collaboration

Malachite Box-Goop and Rablabs Collaboration

Insta Roundup: Winter Wishes

Welcome to the second installment of our "Insta Roundup," a glimpse into our newest designs, inspirations and discoveries!

Per usual at this time of year, we find ourselves reflecting on how quickly the seasons pass, except for gosh-darn Winter.  Here in New England, cold weather reigns supreme, and this year's constant snowfall coupled with the floral focus of our new collection has us seriously craving Spring!

Alas, we can't speed up March 20th's arrival, so in the meantime we'll keep on taking pictures of the snow (so annoying, but so pretty!) and posting #throwbackythursday and #flashbackfriday pictures full of warm and happy motivation.  We'd love to see how y'all are surviving the rest of Winter (on the East Coast) or bathing in sunshine (on the West Coast), so please do connect with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!

Sending our best wishes to wherever in this beautiful world you might be, Cleo

Jane Taylor Jewelry-Instagram Roundup 1

Jane Taylor Jewelry-Insta Roundup 2

Jane Taylor Jewelry-Insta Roundup 3 iJane Taylor Jewelry-Insta Roundup 4 Jane Taylor Jewelry-Insta Roundup 5 Jane Taylor Jewelry-Insta Roundup 6 Jane Taylor Jewelry-Insta Roundup 7