Gift Ideas

Marvelous Mommas!

Working with my mom, I can't help but be especially aware of Mother's Day! It's a rare opportunity for us to step out of our habitual role as partners-in-jewelery-crime and just be the goofy pair that we are. Growing up with divorced parents and no siblings, my mom and I developed a wonderfully complex relationship that straddles the line between mother-daughter, sisters and friends. Having thrown the employee-employer dynamic into the mix can occasionally make for a bumpy roller-coaster, but when push comes to shove, Jane and I have an unbreakable bond and an uncanny ability to induce hysterical laughter in one another.

Jane has always been the type to frequently pick up little gifts for me, whether it's white chocolate while she's out food shopping or an extra pair of wool socks for my perpetually cold feet. Come Mother's Day, I'm always excited to give her all the little goodies I've been secretly collecting! Even if every year, without fail, she tells me not to buy her anything, it's too much fun seeing her eyes light up when I surprise her with something totally unexpected.

With the spirit of that joyful experience in mind, I selected some unique items from our Bubble & Squeak collection that would appeal to a range of marvelous mommas! One of the most fabulous things about the world we live in lies in people's diversity. Creating and selling jewelry is fascinating because we are able to experience first-hand all of the different preferences people have for shapes and colors! I hope (fingers-crossed) that I was able to capture some of that diversity in my selections, but if there are any other pieces you find yourself saying, "Oh my mom would love this!," please shot me an email at and I would be overjoyed to help.

All my love to you and your momma, Cleo

PS: The rings and earrings below are available to buy in our shop page!

Mother's Day Jewelry from Jane Taylor, Sterling Silver Bubble & Squeak Collection

Awesome Amethyst

Once thought to be as precious as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, and lauded for their magical properties in preventing drunkenness, amethysts have quite the history. In current times, this purple variety of quartz is February's traditional birthstone and ranges in hue from barely there purple whispers to punchy royal purple. With a stone so versatile, there's no limit to how to wear amethyst jewelry.

Topaz and Quartz... Not Only for November!

On my handy-dandy birthstone list, November's stones are listed as: Topaz and Topaz Quartz (Citrine).  Similarly, Wikipedia tells me that, "November's birthstones are the topaz (particularly, yellow) and the citrine."  So it would seem that citrine is our #1 November birthstone choice, but that there's also some room left for interpretation.  All the better for those with November birthdays, as this gives you a serious rainbow of options!  But don't think you that you have to be born in November to enjoy the beautiful array of variety that topaz and quartz present... it's a free-for-all (not literally, unfortunately!) when it comes to these gemstones! I've selected some of my favorite Jane Taylor pieces that showcase quartz and topaz, but this is only the tip of the iceberg!

Sensational Sapphire

Sapphire is just a magnificent stone, there is no way around that fact. If it is your birthstone, you are a LUCKY Duck! Blue sapphire is always luxurious (it's clearly the royal choice), but royal blue is an especially sought after color within the blue family.  To the gem trade, the most elegant of all the royal blues is known as Kashmir sapphire. It is velvety smooth and dreamy, and I can never get enough of seeing it!  Kashmir sapphire costs mega bucks, especially when large and perfect, so I have been designing with similarly colored sapphire but in much more affordable and financially digestible ways.  We've included luscious blue sapphire pavé in a variety of ways on our rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets, but we didn't stop there...

We have been pavéing all colors of sapphires since we introduced our Spring 2011 designs, Color Candy.  As Sapphire comes in every color imaginable- pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, purples, browns and of course blues-  we've had fun going gaga over sapphire!


Peridot Pop

August may be almost halfway over (summer where have you gone?!), but there's still plenty of time left to find a peridot gift for the lucky people that have birthdays this month. I happen to be an August baby, and love my birthstone! The stone's punchy green hues are a welcome addition to any neutral outfit, and look beautiful in both the cabochon and faceted variety. Below, I've gathered images of some of the beautiful peridot pieces Jane has designed... Starting on the top left, we have one of Jane's newest rings from her "Color Candy" collection. The center stone is a peridot cabochon with tsavorite garnet melee on the shank, giving this ring some extra green pizazz. Beneath the ring are some earrings from her past collection, "Tom Foolery," and feature both faceted and cabochon peridots in one earring. I love the juxtaposition of the two, offset by the little diamond accent!

In the middle column, I've featured a classic pair of solitaire earrings and necklace from the "Twinkle Twinkle" collection. For my 21st birthday, Jane gave me a beautiful pair of earrings just like those, and I am always complimented on them! Underneath, we've got an update to the solitaire drop from "Color Candy," where Jane added some large peridot melee to the ear wire. It's a bold new look that we are loving.

In my last column, I showcased some faceted peridot complimented by a hint of diamond pavé, all from "Twinkle Twinkle". The top earrings are actually diamond huggies with interchangeable peridot charms. We had a customer buy this exact look for his wife for Christmas, and then surprise her with another pair of London blue topaz charms for Valentine's Day, which I thought was such a fun idea! The ring is also very versatile, as it looks beautiful when worn alone, or stacked with different colored solitaire faceted and pearl rings.

Give us a holler if you're interested in any peridot jewels and enjoy the rest of your August!